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2017 was a great year for me. Yes, of course it could always be better but, here are the facts. HEALTH: I didn´t even catch a cold in 2017. ?PROSPERITY: Between the live gigs, and mixing and mastering work, I did quite well in 2017. CREATIVITY: I´m on 2 x new CD releases released in 2017.”Humans Humans-Black Heritage”and “The Quasimodo Concerts-Funky Soul Kitchen”, and I also did the mastering on the latter. Both can be purchased on iTunes, Amazon, etc. I had the honour to perform with Oneida James-Rebeccu, (ex-Joe Cocker Band) Steve Baker, and award winning Blues artist Michael van Merwyk. Of course the absolute highlight of 2017 was touring with the great John Lee Hooker Jr. LOVE: Yes, I even had a rather crazy, exciting, adventurous affair with a beautiful young lady that ended too soon. ?
CLOSING OUT 2017: Tonight I will be closing out 2017 by performing at one of my favourite clubs “Quasimodo”, with some of my favourite people. So, all in all 2017 has been a great year. ?

PLANS FOR 2018: I´ve been asked to do the John Lee Hooker Jr tour again in Sept-Oct. I love touring, and will hopefully do more tours in 2018. I plan on starting, joining some new projects, and doing more writing, and producing. Starting a fitness training course, starting with my Martial Arts training again, and possibly learning Aikido, which I´ve always wanted to do. Practicing, and continuing to become a better musician of course. Staying healthy. And who knows, maybe even fall in love again in 2018. ?

All the best to all of you,

NEWS 2018

Offering New Services:

1. Radio Spots & Jingles

2. Audio Restoration

3. DJ Services

4. Mastering for iTunes

And we just added  the legendary Neumann U87 and the Shure SM-7B pictured below to our microphone collection. The Neumann was voted #1 Microphone by Sound On, and has been used by artists like Barbra Streisand, Whitney Houston, Beyonce, and others. The Shure SM-7B has been used by Marvin Gaye “What´s Going On”, Dave Grohl-Foo Fighters, Green Day, and others. If you´re living in Berlin, Germany, and are in need of a great vocal track, don´t hesitate to contact us.