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NEWS DICARLO performs with The Michael Jackson Immortal Touring Band


On Friday December 15th 2012 DICARLO received a call from Mike Phillips asking if he´d like to perform at a special event at the Quasimodo on December 17th. Mike said, that Jonathan “Sugarfoot” Moffett” their drummer wouldn´t be able to make it, and asked if DICARLO could do the gig. He also needed a good bass player, and if DICARLO could find someone, because their bass player Don Boyette wouldn´t be there either. DICARLO organized Ramani Krishna on bass, and Mike Russell on guitar. They learned the entire program in 24 hours. DICARLO played 1 1/2 hours of the set, and the great Jonathan “Sugarfoot” Moffett did manage to show up and join the band for for the last 30 minutes. It was a night to remember.

The Ultimate Immortal Christmas Jam SessionThe Ultimate Christmas Jam Session at QUASIMODO Berlin On Monday, 17th at 10pm “The Ultimate Christmas Jam Session” happened. Artist Mike Phillips who has recorded with Stevie Wonder, Prince and The King of Pop Michael Jackson and long time music director for Michael Jackson Greg Phillinganes played some of our favorite Christmas jams but with a twist of jazz, funk, soul and rock. Before the musicians hit the stage for the “Immortal World Tour” they took the time to have a Jam session at QUASIMODO Berlin, where some of Berlin´s best musicians, artist´s and music lovers celebrated the holidays with some of the most talented musicians in the world. Musicians like, guitarist Jon Myron Clark, vocalist Fred White and Jonathan SugarFoot Moffett who all at one point in their careers shared the stage with the King of Pop Michael Jackson.

The Line Up:

Greg Phillinganes (key) DICARLO (dr) Jonathan Moffett “sugarfoot” (dr) Ramani Krishna (b) Jon Myron Clark (g) Mike Phillips (sax) Desiree Bassett (g) Mike Russell (g) Taku Hirano (perc) Keyon Karim Harrold (tp) Tina Guo (cello) Jory Steinberg (voc) Fred White (voc) + Dancers from Cirque Soleil.
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